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One-Line Bio

still trying to get it all together- wife to one, mom to five (three out the door), servant to one demanding dog, under-employed graphic designer by trade.


born and raised in michigan. there's nothing too important that hasn't all ready been squeezed into the one-line box. i just turned 50 and lived to tell about it. (not so bad) remembering the years when i had a bunch of little kids rocketing through these rooms still makes me gooey with love. the dad is a prof and a cpa, so our minds work in diametrically opposing ways, which most of the time (if the moon is right, etc.) is fine. i'm still adjusting to having my kids out of the house, although it's been six years since D1 went out the door. S1 and 2 are also out, leaving us with D2 and S3 ... and louie, the wonderdog.

i have a big heart for romania, which is where S3 was adopted from, and have been back to volunteer as a designer for pro-family & adoption agencies a few times.

i love the sport of baseball, even with all of its warts. raised a tiger fan (no easy job, although i remember both '68 and 84' with delight!) i and my brother (1 of 2) still go give tiger stadium a hug when we're there. i took my first cruise this year and don't know why we're not all living on barbados!

the players: (see photo albums)
D1 is about to embark on her doctoral program in medieval english. she left me in the academic dust when she was seventh grade.

S1 is just finishing his undergrad work. he will labor at amassing some sort of bank account for a year before he heads off to law school.

S2 is a college freshman at the same place his older brother attends and where the dad is a prof.

D2 (aka the redhead) is a high school freshman, who knows not the meaning of the word "crabby."
i call her God's reward for having four.

S3 (aka the romaniac) joined the troop in 1999, at the age of 6. he keeps us young ... crazy ... and in the van a lot. can't believe he wasn't home- grown like the rest of them.

the dad is patient, methodical, and never leaps until he first looks, examines, crunches the numbers, runs the statistics, and checks the wind direction. in other words, my polar opposite. yet we've been making it work for 29 years and are still having a good time along the way.

me- you know more than you want to already

louie the wonderdog- 9 year old spoiled rotten
shih-tzu, thinks our bed is his, etc. can't imagine life without him though ...


baseball, lake michigan, kids, the caribbean, books, photography, beading. email: